Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Come on, be serious, Andy.

I have been putting off a task that I shouldn't be putting off. I have a serious blog inside me, I swear, but I just don't seem to want to let it out. After all, isn't a "serious blog" an oxymoron? It is a contradiction in terms if ever I saw one. Given, I have a tendency to bend a few too many things into some sort of joke. Without laughter there's just... a space that I have little interest exploring. I have trouble craving anything without a smirk. It's not that I can't take anything seriously. I can and I do. Its just... Even now I can feel my own interest waning. Why analyze it at all? The point is, I feel like a toolbox trying to put any deep, dark thoughts into the form of 'blog'.
I have a serious blog inside me, and I know it. It's a great big serious blog with feelings and emotions and blah, blah, blah. I had a life adventure recently and I'm scared I will forget it. It seems to me the only way to make sure I remember it is to talk about it or write about it. The problem is, whenever I start to talk about it, my voice cracks and I no longer want to be wherever I am. I skirt around the issue, diminishing its importance to me and look to move on as quickly as possible. Writing about it is not out of the question. Perhaps a journal entry or something? But there are people I want to know about this. I want to share this and I am not a strong sharer. In fact, in almost every way, I'm a fairly terrible sharer. I just want to lay it down and see what happens, but when I think of someone reading about it, reading about anything serious I may have typed onto an internet page, it makes me cringe. Maybe I'm too old? Maybe I feel like a fourteen year old girl scribbling poetry into my goth-y blog... 

"Oh assblankets!" I exclaimed in frustration. I just want to write a story about my experience taking care of my grandfather in his last days, but I haven't mustered the mustard. It's been over a month and I'm sure there are already details that have slipped through the disturbingly large cracks in my brain, never to be seen or heard from again. That's what I want to avoid. I want to type the details out so that I can look back at something I did that was actually good. I don't do so many good things in my life and I don't want to dismiss it the way I dismiss anything I fear can be later viewed as pretentious. I want to talk about the fears I had while by my grandfather's side. I want to talk about the awkwardly humorous moments, the experience of sitting with a man floating toward death who had accomplished so many things in life, traveled the world, survived a concentration camp, sang in a world renowned choir, been a surgeon in a community that embraced him as a celebrity... 
I haven't spoken much to anyone about my father and he's almost two years gone and now I can feel myself not wanting to share anything about my grandfather. It's as though--
Wait a minute! Is this blog a bit on the serious side all of a sudden? Did I ramble and rumble my way into a serious blog? Is that how the transition is made? Am I a goth-emo kid now? Do I want everyone around me to know how sad I am? I feel dirty. Filthy and dirty. And not in the sexy way.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thunder-Face Alley

I'm out of Los Angeles for a spell. Where am I? I can't say, but using my mind-camera, I've snapped a quick pic of me in action in the most secret of secret places. Click on the picture and examine the adventure!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Me & My Mustache

My Mustache and I...
My mustache and I are more powerful together than we are apart.
My mustache and I have met briefly several times over the past several years, but really connected for the first time this last week on the set of a Matt Damon, Steven Soderberg movie.
My mustache proves people wrong with confident and gentle jabs of love.
My mustache and I are going to work toward an NBA Championship for the Boston Celtics while sitting in the midst of Mordor (Los Angeles).
My mustache and I welcome you to touch my mustache.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bill & Andy's Pirate Journey!

This past week I had the adventure of a lifetime! Well, the adventure of an afternoon, at the very least. Under the clever pseudonym of Andrew Ryz, I journeyed to a far away land called Marina Del Rey to join forces with Alex Winter (of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" as well as the cult favorite, "Freaked") and fifteen other sea-faring Pirates. What was our meeting for? It was a shoot for the upcoming "Flapjack" cartoon on Cartoon Network.
Now, you may wonder why a guy like myself, who is particularly live-action, was involved in an animated show... Well, you'll just have to wait for the air date to find out. When is that air date? I don't know. The rumor going around the pirate bar was within 3 weeks.

It was a fun day, though. Lots of food and interesting Pirate conversation. I even found a Wench who offered to smoke me out with some special Pirate Herb. I did not, however, partake because I may or may not be taking a "break". It's not something I want to discuss at this time. Perhaps the next blog. For now we will focus on the fact that it was a wondrous day that even gave me a good look at the new indie-film-techie-nerd-item-of-the-moment: The RED Camera.

The on-site techie was kind enough to discuss the camera with me and even show me a reel of footage taken from several projects with varying conditions. It did make my loins ache. I have been trying not to think too much about the camera, but what's a guy to do? It's here, asking to rock my film life! I found myself a nice position behind the monitors as we were filming, too. The feed from the Steadicam looked like an already color-timed, finished product on the lovely HD monitors. Oh, the fun people will have with this camera.

Well, time is short, so I will wrap this up. Overall, things are all quite good with me. Several projects are rocking right along and I have been busy, busy, busy. I'm happy to report that along with cinematography gigs for others and my own writing and directing, acting has now become a happy little time consumer. It's a funny thing being on set as an actor. I have not yet been able to shake free of the immense guilt I feel when watching the crew fly in Four-By's or Tweenies. I keep wanting to let them know that I'm a G&E crew guy in my bones. I watch with guilt as I bask in the sun, drinking my second cup of coffee, eating
 several delicious cheeses and munching on anything I can reach with my new, actorly, Pirate hand. The life of an actor on set is not quite as challenging as the life of a crew member. At least when you're a background Pirate.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sky Tubes to Boston

I am sitting above the clouds. Where are you sitting, coward? Probably somewhere below the clouds, like a square. Don't fret. I shan't judge you too harshly. Not from up here. Not from the sky. The sky is where I am. In a tube. Inside it. A tube of metal. Metal and wires and fancy signals that may include, but are not limited to:
Code secrets
Cross- Galaxy text flirtations
GPS locations
GPS directions
Secret marketing plans
Public marketing plans
This list is a small sampling of all the signals that may or may not be floating in and around this metal tube of mine*. This tube heads due east, my friends. It uses some of the aforementioned signals to guide me home to the snow, which I haven't seen in far too long. I don't think I can feel or read the signals, but it is entirely possible that if I reached out the window, I could grab one. So many signals. Like fish in a healthy, pre-industry river. Signals, signals, signals...
I am beginning to worry. Because of all this free signal sharing, there is an excellent chance that someone else is reading what I am writing right now. While it may not seem to you and I that this message contains anything of drastic import, it is possible- likely, even- that there is some subtle thread of ultimate truth that dances at this very moment between my words and your face. Our connection is too strong, I fear. If only we were less charmed by each other. If only you had a bag over your head so as to cover your mustache that you may or may not have. Then we might be safe from our animalistic desire for eachother. What is the danger of revealing ultimate truth, you ask? I don't know. Maybe nothing. But when anything is "ultimate", I hesitate to let it roam free. Like issues of "Ultimate Spider-Man", I feel as though we should charge somewhere around $1.75 per issue for this ultimate truth that may or may not exist.
In order to keep this exchange of information between you and I as secret as possible, I will leave you with a word/shape puzzle that you will need to decode:

(HINT: use your soul as a decoder ring)

End transmission.

* "Mine" does not indicate in any fashion that the tube belongs to our hero. However, since payment for this trip was made, one could argue that there is some bit of possession inherent in the experience of tube travel. Our hero will not make this argument now, in fear of being dropped from said tube without due process. In this day and age one should not assume that one is safe from becoming "tube droppings" with distant, fading calls of "Patriot Act!" as the only explanation or trial. One should always remember that we now live in a nation where the law is Robocop. It is judge, jury and executioner. Not unlike Judge Dredd. But remember that Robocop is, at his core, human. We can still play to our nation's heart and hope that in its moment of harsh judgement, Robocop/America will have mercy and shed a half-robot-half-human tear. If the country appears to be more like Judge Dredd, do not have the same hope. In the film, Ever-So-Sly Stallone wears blue contacts to cover his deep, human, emotional brown eyes. One cannot trust a nation that no longer trusts Rocky's eyes.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blog #2 is the same flavor as bacon, but minus the deliciousness

I'm choosing to type in a Courier font today because Courier is the font used in screenwriting and that is what I am supposed to be doing right now. I figure that if I'm going to be writing a blog instead, then maybe I should use a screenwriting font and try to trick myself into thinking I spent the afternoon doing exactly what it is I'm supposed to be doing.
I don't like this post so far. So far, I'm off to a bad start. There's something going on with the text right now, too. To explain it would be too long and complicated and would prove to have little to no payoff. What I will do instead is talk about a Rock 'n' Roll concert I attended last night. It was a show put on by Michael Mazochi and the Widows (Click on the title of this blog for music samples). What I will say about the concert is this:
--Nope. This isn't working. I'm pulling the cord on this blog. I'm having technical issues that are so powerful and otherworldly that I can't even manage to tell you how fantastic this fantastic band is (which is, incidentally, quite fantastic). I am now left with no other recourse than to quit and start anew. Do I have regrets? Sure, I have a few. Would I do it again if I had the chance? You bet your ass I would.
The Management

Friday, February 22, 2008

New & Improved! (Now with curly fries!)

If I were a gambling man, I'd gamble on me. I have skillz (the "z" illustrates the extremely high level of skill I possess), charm, talent and a station wagon. I am allergic to neither carrots, nor fire. I have less than one jet pack, but I can spell the word "responsibility" without the aid of a friend or enemy. If I were asked to name one of my favorite colors, I would promptly respond with a lie that was so colorful and loud, it would pass a kidney stone without even wincing. Yes, sir or ma'am. If I were a gambling man, I'd gamble on me. Not because I like to win... but because I think losing is unattractive and that's something I don't know how to be.

Times in Important Places